19 May 2007

Family Day

This is a very rare picture of my family. It's hard to gather everyone in the family unless there's a special function. This was taken during my big bro's wedding last year. He and my sis-in-law went for their honeymoon, that's why they weren't in the pic. Everyone in my family adores food. Pa usually cooks at home now that he's retired. But we prefer to dine out during our reunions as it's so hard to ever cook enough for all of us!!!!!!

Every Saturdays, we have our once-a-week family day which I look forward to. It's fun to hang out with pa, ma & ah di (my youngest bro). We'd try to dine at different restaurants each week, though there aren't many choices in Sibu. @_@ But yeah, we still managed to enjoy our meals and have fun at the same time.

This is the seafood lasagne from Sibu P.Hut, our little entree before the main course, hehehehe. It wasn't THAT bad and I think I should stop nitpicking at...you know...


Liz said...

是啊, 我也很享受与家人同聚餐的时候。 尤其是当我们几兄妹接到有免费晚餐的时候, 就刻意只吃早餐, 午餐免了, 等等等, 等到晚上7点半 或8点, 饭菜都还没上桌, 我们各个早已准备就绪拿起筷子, 在第一时间“ 抢 ”啊。。。哈哈哈。。很有乐趣也, 一顿晚餐“吵吵闹闹”的吃完。。。

Flora & Henry said...

It's a blessing to have siblings. :) I miss them a lot.