11 September 2007

Who wants to be a millionaire???

Thanks to Jo that I have something to blog about :) Well, this is such a typical question that people would ask, and I did it in the first lesson with my English class (as stated in Clara's blog. Though I never really got myself to think about this. Perhaps, I find it too self-intimidating, as it's totally everything opposite of what I'm doing now.

First, I'd like to change the statement to "If I were a BILLIONAIRE". It's not hard to be a millionaire nowadays, is it? Plus the money goes pretty quickly when you are still over the moon about being a millionaire.

So, where would my money go? As any people will answer, QUIT MY JOB. Yes, that I would, sooner or later, but not until I finish building my kingdom....for babies and toddlers!!!!! hehehe, yes, I'm in love with these little angels (or evils to many of you out there). With all these workaholic parents, like myself in the future (or not), going off to scrap as much money as they could off somewhere, I'll scrap off theirs, WAHAHAHAHA~~ OK, what I'm saying is these kids need somewhere safe and fun to hang out. I'll make sure this kingdom of mine is free from evil and filled with God's love (don't laugh, I'm serious!!). After all, little children's hearts are the purest!! Ha, don't tell me, I know what you're thinking -_-||| Anyway, my kingdom isn't just another day care centre like what you've seen now. I'm gonna accommodate every single child, regardless of his or her ability or physical capability. And the only staff I want to employ will be someone with genuine love and the drive to be a better mentor for these kids. Geez, I get so hyper whenever I think of this dream of mine....

Then, the typical travelling around the world, investment and giving away money to family are all kinda predictable. Though I'll make sure I get the best services of all, since I have that money, hiak hiak hiak~

Last but not least, I want to save some of the money (not 10%!!) for future uses. Be it my child education or emergencies. I only feel safe when I have extra money in my bank account!!!!

Should I tag someone? But I think most of you out there have been tagged...oh yeah, I'll tag JL and Alice to contribute more on this topic~^_^~

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09 September 2007

A weekend to remember.

I know, I should have blogged ages ago but I was pre-occupied by settling in and all. Did I mention that my friends drove all the way from London just to visit me last weekend? Of course, the most important thing is to return my old stuff, hahaha....anyway.....

It's funny how I got to know Maddy, Bobby and Liam, and built such a strong bonding (can I say that? hehe). Our "relationship" is kinda complicated. The first time I knew about Maddy was ten years ago if my memory serves me right. I tagged along to my sister's uni friend's flat warming where Maddy just happened to be one of the flat-mates. That was our first "meeting", in New Zealand. Maddy, do you remember? Perhaps, I'm the one with better memory, eh? :P Nevertheless, we were only close after we met each other again in Sheffield three years ago. A very down-to-earth girl, and I simply enjoy her laughter and personality. My mum said she and I look alike!!! Is that supposed to be a compliment to Maddy or what? Sorry, Maddy, hope that statement hasn't offended you, :)

Perhaps you've already known about Liam. I wrote an entry about him not long ago. Well, he was my sister's first year uni course mate. I still remember going to his flat (where my sis' other friends were also staying at), preparing dumplings, cooking and eating them!! Even talked about how much fillings we needed to put in etc etc. Can you remember, Liam??????? I was very young, barely a sweet 16-year-old, hahahaha (OK, a FAT one I admit!). Same thing happened to our friendship. Liam and Maddy were together when I accidentally bumped into them in Sheffield. And no, you are not supposed to ask him anything about being a vegetarian!!!!!!! A friendly hint for y'all out there. Liam, don't kill me for saying this, yeah~

Bobby's the one I've known for the shortest time. We met at the church back in 2002 when I was working in Wellington. Weren't really close. Basically, I only know him better after I'm close to the first two. It's not good to be too close to someone's boyfriend mar, right? Bobby's got very unique...should I say habit?!?! He's got that distinctive laugh which cannot be imitated, not even me!

I'm just grateful that I have got good friends, whom I still keep in touch with. They're the kind of friends that you should have in your life so that it's complete! Yes, Rose (and Sean), while I'm saying this, I'm talking about you guys too!! Chloe, you definitely are, too!!!! Love you all~~~muah muah~

PHOTOS - click each photo for a bigger view

This is my bed. A sheet a week, keeps the germs away~

Sausages, prawns & veges;
Korean chak jiang noodles with pak choi;
Breast chicken & veges
Eh, can you see or not ar? ^O^

Bobby, Maddy, ME, Liam

Dimsum in Peterborough. Food, food....can see my mooncake face growing?

So typical eh?