28 September 2008




22 September 2008







21 September 2008


他们之间只有 蠢蠢 纯纯的爱,虽然从没开始过,但也没结束的一天。相似的两个人就没有相同的焦距点;是命运让他们遇上了,但也是命运让他们无法在一起。



20 September 2008



Yes, I am in Sibu now.
I have finished "闭关"
(thing senior monks, or whoever haha, do to ensure their kungfu is enhanced by hiding in some kind of caves and cannot be disturbed)
Call/SMS me out.

For those who did not reply my sms (Amy and Jam) - My guess is you have changed your numbers la, hahahaha...you won't dare not to reply me hor????

16 September 2008

Now everyone can fly..........NOT!

Cheap airlines? Budget travel? Everything they say seems to be a scam to me! No decent staff, no flexibility and definitely no customer service(顾客服务)!! Only 'servicing customer' (修理顾客). Tell me if I'm wrong but I don't think I can agree with you otherwise.

I'm sure most of you out there have encountered the same thing I had in the past (possibly in the near future):
  • Flight rescheduled - they refused to use the term 'delayed' as they don't want to compensate their customers the loss of their time and money!

  • Flight cancelled - if there weren't enough passenger travelling at one time, they'll cancel the flight without any valid reason given. Deep down, we know they don't give a d*** about their customers.

  • Flight cancelled FOREVER - They advertised a direct flight from Kch to China GUILIN trip but after a while, they would suddenly cancel the whole Kch-Guilin trip. WHY??? Simply because someone is not happy with the fact that Sarawakians keep flying to China and no Chinese will fly to Sarawak. So whoever has the power to ask whoever not to fly there asked them not to fly. Complicated? Tell me about it. I also don't know how to put in better words!! *Suddenly loss of proper speech*

  • Open ticket - Today, they say "No problem, sure can open your ticket one....". The next day, they say "Sorry, we can't open your ticket as yours is a promotion ticket".

  • Flight.....basically they can do whatever they want, as customers have no say in whatever ways!!!!
Is this what you called customer service? Why do they even want to come up with this company? Don't get me wrong, I'm not really a M*S supporter, but this is definitely worse than M*S.

15 September 2008

Happy Birthday, James.

How old are you this year? Seems like you only turned twelve yesterday, and now you're a man!!!!! I hope you had a great celebration with your darling last night, hehehe. Anyway, your MU jersey is awaiting in Sibu!! Make sure you love it, it isn't cheap!!! hahahahaha....

Wish you the very best in everything you do and may you walk in the light of God now and forever. Like I said yesterday, be a good man and a great son.

Love always, Sis x

12 September 2008


Happened to see them change duty last Thursday. Have to forgive my lousy and old digicam..desperately need a new one. If you like what you see, fly to London yourself. There might not be lots to see there, but definitely lots to do and see elsewhere!!! :)


For people who reckon they are smart enough to answer this, hear me out: How many types of deforestation can you think?

Let me humbly start the list off:

1. Deforestation - First and foremost, the forests which were, have been, are being, will be chopped down/burnt because of the businessmen who never find satisfactory in their overflowing bank accounts, and could care less to re-plant the trees after their heartless work.

So, apart from the forest deforestation, what else can you think of?? :P

2. ........