30 January 2008




29 January 2008




26 January 2008

Forgive, and forget.

Dear Father,
Help me.
I can't forgive,
Neither can I forget.
What should I do
To be more like Jesus?

23 January 2008

A.S.C.-A Second Chance

Everyone has different views on "second chance". What's yours?

13 January 2008

Seafood, my love.

I had lots and lots of food (including seafood) when I spent my Christmas and New Year in London, with my best friends - RC. Mind you, it's not Roman Catholic, they are Rose and Chloe. I know I can count on them to have good times. I miss holidays, and I'm looking forward to my next break, which is five weeks away. Though, this time, I don't think I'll be celebrating CNY in London *sob sob* as I'm working that week.

Rose's specialties.
See, Chloe cannot bear any second longer not drinking the soup!!
The hand, the hand!

At Cape Town Japanese Restaurant.
Very, very nice (the food AND the ladies, of course)
And it wasn't that pricey, too.

After 10 days of laid-back life, I'm back to the normal routine - live alone, eat alone, s*** alone, play alone. I must say, I have my ways of making myself happy. Just check what I had for my Saturday lunch.

Seafood entree to start with - king prawns and shellfish.

Salmon sashimi, my utmost favourite.
(Not professionally sliced, hehe..)

And it'll only be perfect with a glass of wine.
(Ignore the wire please, -_-|||)

That's the romantic Saturday lunch between me and myself. No guests invited.

02 January 2008

Goodbye 2007. Welcome 2008.

It's unbelievable how fast 2007 has passed. Everything that happened in 2007 should remain in 2007. I should forward my vision in 2008 and work even harder in achieving my dreams. Disasters should make one stronger and wiser. I hope that's where I'm heading towards. Strength and wisdom.