21 December 2007

Leon Jackson

No matter how many times I've watched this video, it still brings tears to my eyes. The song that really had me hooked on is "You don't know me". I think he's totally a blue performer. And more to say, he got me wanting to buy Michael Buble's CDs now. Something extra for you. This song is performed by Leon with Kylie Minogue. Yes, you heard me. The legend Kylie. I really like to see Kylie perform. I might go to her concert next year in London if I manage to squeeze some $ and time hehe. I can go on and on and on about Leon Jackson but I think I should stop :P Sorry I couldn't find any proper video of these. I have taken all these from youtube. Thanks to the resourcers.

When You Believe..

What more can I say about my life, now that I know there are miracles everywhere, if I believe. I have been listening to Leon's version of "When You Believe" nth time and every time I hear him sing, he makes my heart move so much that tears will roll down my cheeks beyond my control. To listen to the song, click here. I'll upload his version of "You Don't Know Me" soon.

It's not just the music that moves me, I think it's his story that has indicated the possibility of miracles in life. When I think about the things which happened in my life, it reminds me how God has looked after me from the day I was conceived (even I was born!!). It also reminds me how lucky I am to have loving parents who genuinely care for my well being. Needless to say, I tend to take a lot of things for granted.

Now, I only pray for a pure heart to love the people back. No more taking for granted. No more hoping for miracles but making it happen. You never know how strong it can get until you truly believe......

16 December 2007

I'm doomed, I'm falling for a Scot...

I just cannot believe that I actually missed this season's X Factor due to the fact that I don't normally watch TV. Having said that, I'm so glad I watched, at least, the last episode - The Final X Factor. Zillion thanks to Alex for making me aware of it. x. Leon Jackson is simply stunning!!! I love him, especially his jazzy, sexy voice. Oh my lord, he's definitely a star and he's only 18!!!! You know what's going to happen next? YES, I'm buying Leon's CD for myself as Christmas present and I cannot wait for his album to be released next year. Bless him!!


I was tidying up my laptop hard disk when I accidentally browsed some clips. Thought it would be fun to show some of the good ones.

This was taken when I visited JB in June...Curry Fish Head...yum~~

My baby nephew when he was just 8 months old. See how well he could hold his milk bottle! Ignore the background "kay-lay-fay" (temp actor).

I laugh so hard whenever I watch this clip, especially towards the end when Elijah got scared and showed "reflex", HAHAHA

Enjoy, people..I hope you love them as much as I do ^_^

11 December 2007


Once again, another example of a starter for two overwhelmed my parents. This is the Spanish Paella (wrong spelling??!?). Nice. But A LOT. We shared among five of us and we still couldn't finish it. Forget to mention, we had loads of food beforehand, haha. Who would think that a starter for two would be hard to finish?!

My parents are happy to see that I managed to put on some weight since I got here. See how chubby my face is? WAHAHA. Oh, I love the steak but the second dish (Salmon salad) was not done in my favourable way.

Well, we did a bit of travelling within the UK region. London's for sure but everyone knows what we have in London. I brought my parents to check out the Warwick Castle and we were so glad that we did. We kinda started off late. Had lunch there. See how contented they seemed? Food for one in big portion. Yum.

We walked around the Castle and were stunned by some of the buildings. This is a must-see tourist attraction if you visit England. Highly recommended.

I love this photo of me together with my mum. xoxo

P.S. Have you figured out what we spent on in Paris yet?? ^_^

01 December 2007



被點到名字的要在自己的空間日記裏寫下自己的答案,然後去掉一個你最不喜歡的問題...再加上一個你自己的問題,組成8個問題,傳給其他8個人,列出其他 8個需要回答問題的人的名字...還要到這8個人的空間留言通知對方--->“你被點名了”...被點名者不得拒絕回答問題喔~!!這8個人要在自己的空間裏注明是從哪裡接到的,並且按上述要求傳給其他8個人,讓遊戲繼續,不得回傳~!









以下8位幸運兒,你知道该怎么做了吧?If you'd like to translate the questions into English, be my guest ^_^