26 August 2008

Dedicated to a great woman.

Munich 270808 - 030908

I'll be off to Munich for a week. YAY. Real holiday, not just sitting around in front of a computer and be laid-back about everything else. Hope to see some interesting part of Munich since it's my fast time there. Yeah, I'll be travelling alone if you're wondering, but meeting up my big bro over there as he's attending his conference!!! Hahaha...BINGO *free accommo*

18 August 2008

Portsmouth - new home

Finally moved to a new place...not too bad I must admit. Quite far from city centre, which I'm not very fussy about since everything else is so accessible. Meant to post some photos of the new room but I was too busy.....being a housewife, hahahaha....I hope I will start working asap as life as a housewife is just not for me, at least that's what I feel now.

A house is where the furniture is
A home is where love is
-By anonymous-

07 August 2008

Can you believe it?

Good news is he has got his entry clearance within four days, and that's by far the smoothest and fastest thing ever accomplished by this lad. Thought it would be great if he was to fly back here so we could sort out a million things but I was wrong.

He actually flew on the 6th August but guess what? He's now wandering around in Hong Kong. Unbelievable eh? What is he doing over there????? Well, he didn't realise his visa validity only takes place from the 14th August and hence being held over there until the date finally arrives. How hilarious is that? I find it ghastly myself. Talking about complete faith and proficient organisation......

I know, I know, stop being querulous, I get it. My final words (for today) are: Though things don't go as planned, I still think we're blessed, compared to many others in this world. So God, thank you for this day. Amen.