31 August 2007

Prize giving day.

Selamat Hari Kebangsaan!!!! Happy Indepence Day to my mother country!!! So, to tag along with the celebration, I, too, have a prize to give away, i.e. you can read my blog without signing in!!!!! What a relief, isn't it? Sorry for the interruption back then. I just wanted to have monitoring on those nuisances.....

OK then, I hope you guys have a great day staying at home or do whatever you like. It's long weekend, man!!!


I just realised that I was tagged by Jo ages ago on.....geez, I don't even know but I gather that it's something to do with the photos. Anyway, I'll post something up definitely. Let me see what I've got here.
My farewell with friends in London in 2005.

Stupid face before I had my long hair cut...do you miss it? I do in a way~~~~2007

cheng cheng cheng...short hair with my favourite nephew!! So cute!!! 2007

I like to kiss my nephew and niece regardless they want it or not. My theory is if you can get it for free and they don't refuse, why not? Check out the following photo!!!

That's Isabelle when she was only few months old. Perhaps she didn't want me to kiss her, hahaha. Taken in 2005

That's how grown up she is now. Before I left NZ for the UK 2007.

At last....

Hi everyone, it's been a while...guess what? I'm in Oundle now. I know, you have no idea whatsoever what OUNDLE is...let's just say it will be home for me for the next four months. I'm loving it!!!!! Great weather (surprisingly!) and nice house (didn't expect it so thanks to the Lord!).

My school is starting next week, very anxious about it needless to say, and I'm teaching Maths. Oh no, who knows how long that has been *cheeky* I will be posting more photos and videos up now that I'm so free. Hopefully it will be a great adventure for me and for those of you out there!!!! Boohoo, I love my life!!!

If you want to contact me, please feel free to pick up a pen or simply the phone beside you!

Hasta la vista, baby~

p/s Picture is taken off for security purposes!!!

17 August 2007


It's one o'clock in the morning and I can't sleep. Something's wrong with me. For those who don't know, I'm flying off to the UK next Sunday. Time sure flies like lightning. I can only wish it would slow down a bit. You know, that reminds me of a Chinese song we sing at the church (literally translated as "Ask Time"). *sigh* You used to think why all lessons didn't end sooner enough when you were younger. Perhaps time started to get serious with you when you grew older, and until one day you realise that you can't catch up with it anymore, that's the sign for aging....or not?

While I am so excited to step my feet on British land, I am feeling sad on the other hand. Why? Because that means I'm leaving my family behind and living alone. That's right. Henry isn't going with me. It will be a test on both of us. Perhaps it isn't wise to most of you, but I still thank God that He gave Henry to me. I'm blessed to have such a husband, after all. (Though he's very annoying at times, hehehe..)

Guess what? Henry's snoring so loud beside me now. I feel like punching (yeah, it's not pinching, OK?) his face, wahahahahahhaa. He sure can sleep well, huh? hehehehe...shhh, don't tell him...but then he reads this blog, doesn't he? :P

14 August 2007

Happy Birthday, Liam!

Such a pity that I wasn't celebrating your birthday in London this time (or for the past 2X years :P). I will make sure I put a good photo of you in my blog in the future as I can't find any good ones that I have got here :P

Anyway, Liam's a great guy!!!! I just feel so proud of myself because I made such a wonderful friend. We can talk whatever things we like; we can go shopping together; we went travelling together (flying all the way across atlantic ocean, man!!), we can even sleep together!!!!!! OK, when I say "sleep", it means staying in the same room with the presence of others, OK? No misleading. Anyway, what I'm trying to say here is, Liam's a great friend and I'm sure Maddy, Bobby and others can vouch for this.

I'm so looking forward to meeting you guys again in London. I'm sure we'll have fabulous time together, just like the old times!!!!!

Liam, I love you!!!! OK, Maddy, Bobby, love you too!!! ^_^

p/s Don't worry, Liam, Henry knows about you, he won't kill you one, hehehehehe...

11 August 2007

Happy Birthday to my dear boy~~

Well, it's not Henry's birthday, and it isn't my son's (I don't have one yet ok!!)...it's someone I got to know when I was working in Sibu. Perhaps I shouldn't say "boy" but "guy" since he's all grown up now. He may seem quiet but he's actually very talkative. Only that he doesn't talk to strangers or the people he doesn't know well. We got to talk about a lot of things - we seem to have many things in common...or do we? Speaking of which, we don't get to talk often nowadays. That's sad.

Anyways, I know he's finishing his course pretty soon and furthering studies in the short future. Here I'd like to wish him best of luck and God be with you!

06 August 2007

Are you my friend?

Since I got here, I've made some new friends and I'm happy to say that they are all genuine friends. Not to mention that I made genuine friends when I was working in Sibu as well. Yes, I'm talking about you, jam, monkey, jota, lai, fay, amy, lin, liz etc etc etc....Sorry if I didn't include you in the list, simply because it's so hard to complete the list. wahahahahaa~(I see my students as my friends too!)

Anyway, just because of this reason, I'd like to restrict this precious blog of mine to my friends only. I find some jerks popping by and leaving some silly comments, which may offend some of my friends here. So, please send me your email addresses if you want to continue to read my blog in the future. Spread the "news" around, thank you very very much~~

Last but not least, a big kiss for all of you~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *MUAH*