30 July 2008

Birthday wishes to a first-time mum.

Happy Birthday, sis. How do you feel being a first-time mum? I know you enjoy it very much. When are you planning for your second one? =) God has blessed you abundantly. Though you are very fierce, you are still a great woman, hahahahahaha.....I think Nathan will tone you down a lot!!! ^_^

28 July 2008

It's the final count down.

It's my last week in Oundle, I'm moving out on Thursday. I know I'll be missing this place for a while. I still don't know where I'm staying for long yet but at least now I'm gonna bug my friends for a temp shelter ;) I think I'll be out of internet connection for a few days, 5 days minimum. Can't imagine my life without it. It will be my first time in five years maybe? Bless me.

Have been moving almost every year, feeling like a nomad. Despite the separation from friends, I quite enjoy travelling around. This is God's blessing to me, to be able to live and work in a place and make new friends. What more could you ask for? God is good, all the time.

By the way, I'll be flying home in September to renew my passport and apply for visas so will be stopping by KL and most possibly fly back to Sibu for a short while. So if you miss me, don't hesitate to leave me some contacts here so I can catch you while I'm back. x

23 July 2008


20 July 2008


Happy Birthday, my sweet pumpkin Isabelle. Guys, don't vomit, I just can't love her enough!!! Today, Belle Belle's three and she's turned into a young lady who knows how to charm people, she's lovable wherever she goes, trust me, you just can't resist not loving her!!

BB was around four months old when I saw her for the very first time (Nov 2005). I could remember vividly that I couldn't concentrate on my work that day as I had a strong urge to rush back to see her. I think she must have thought: "This aunty is weird, I'm scared of her.". I was overflowed with joy and intense love that when she pooped on me, I was even laughing at her 'cute' response. Nope, you can't do that! I'm totally appalled by your response!

Last year when I saw her for the second time, she felt distant from me and wouldn't let me hold her and I was truly heartbroken. Luckily she made me happy again after that. Geez, I haven't seen any men making me this heartbroken before. BB could place me in the heaven and hell just like that *snap*. Pathetic? Hell no!

I miss BB very much!! Am I obsessed with BB? NO WAY, I'm in love with her, and also my other nephews - Elijah, Enoch, Nathan. They're so adorable and definitely precious gifts given from God. I can't wait to see them...only God knows when.

Sweet Isabelle

Her friends at the party

Blowing candles

Family Photo - Except Mandy, the girl in pink

Sexy lady pose

Here's a bonus for you.

04 July 2008





02 July 2008

Children - precious gifts from God.

Since the day I was born, I knew I was a girl full of love for other people. Particularly, I have always loved babies and love to take care of them as well. I never find their poops disgusting or am too lazy to bathe them, because I enjoy spending time with babies. Maybe you'd say I am only keen in the first few days and will lose interest if it was for a long-term commitment. Yes, you could be right, that is why I am not having my own, as I am not sure if I can give my babies 101% of my life....YET, hahaha. At this stage of my life, I still prefer to take care and play with my nephews and niece.

There are always disputes on how you should take care of a baby, and of course every parent does things differently. Whatever the method, I think we should always ensure the natural ingredients take in the priority. Even adults like us will reject (I mean the body) if there were too many artificial ingredients in our daily intake. So, when I have my own baby next time, I'll always remind myself to give natural ingredients to my baby, i.e. cutting down on processed food as much as possible. You can be my reminder too, hehehe.

Babies/toddlers should rest early at night, especially when they have quite a busy schedule in daytime. And be careful, I said 'especially not 'only'. So those who haven't had a busy schedule, they still need to sleep early. They need sufficient time to regenerate so that they can grow up healthily. I think it is quite hard for the young parents like you and me (I know I won't be young if I had a baby in the future) when we have been living like a night owl for the last ten odd years. We really need to put in big effort so that our children come first in all the things we do. Wow, what a sacrifice, don't you think? Once again, that is why I am not having any....YET.

Though I have no children, I can totally understand how hard it is to be a parent, better yet a mother, except for the labouring process. It is the toughest job of all and I pay my utmost respect to all the parents, if you are reading this now.