26 May 2007

10 Ways Gorilla Makes Me Mad

Monkey tagged me to talk about ways Gorilla pisses me off. Frankly speaking, I was pondering rather seriously regarding this issue. Yes, sometimes he makes me mad, very, very mad. Let's see how he has managed to make me unhappy. Am I being inhuman? You'll tell me if I'm being too harsh. *LONG POST AHEAD*

1st: On the road - at the roundabout
F: Can you not use the outer lane to drive to the third turning at the roundabout?
H: What, I've been driving like this since forever! Law is like this moh.
F: EXCUSE ME! This is illegal. I am a driver too!
H: My brother also drives like this.
F: That's because he saw you drive like this!!!
H: ... *speechless*
F: Wait till accident happens, you go and tell the officer this reason la, see if that gets you off.
H: ... *speechless*
F: Are you listening?????????????????
H: ... *ignore*

We have this same conversation for countless times. The outcome is still the same. I feel like strangling myself, you know. He's as obstinate as a mule, no, MORE than a mule!

2nd: In the room - PS2 Soccer
F: How long have you been playing already?
H: Not long la, just started.
F: Is it? I can see your PS2 is very hot boh.
H: No la, it's just your imagination. *quickly use air-con to blow it*
F: What the heck are you playing? Just ball lai ball ki, so boring!
H: What, this is art, you have to appreciate it.
F: Art your head, you might as well read some books to broaden your knowledge.
H: ... *playing his PS2*
F: AHHHH!!!!!!!!!! *screaming*

As usual, I leave him in the room. There was once his PS2 couldn't start as he over-used it the previous day. I teased him and he got angry at me, saying why I was being so scornful. Sometimes not only girls blame others for their own faults, boys do that too!

3rd: Breakfast
F: So, what did you eat this morning?
H: The usual la.
F: Kam-pua and Kopi-o gao gao, is it?
H: Ah-but-then?
F: You have to cut down your kam-pua intake and have one kopi a day only!!
H: *pout* Why oh? My favourite oh.
F: You said you wana keep fit yet you eat kam-pua? Then don't tell me you're fat later on.
H: Kopi-o ler?
F: You dare to say, is it? Your teeth wong-wong one, you memang WONG la!!!!
H: *ko lien look* But we're leaving Sibu soon, not many chances I can eat liao moh.
F: You always say that. There are kam-pua and kopi-o there lar. Got Foochow there, ok?
H: ... *ignore*

Some people will think I'm a very controlling person, even Henry himself. But what he doesn't know is I care about him more than he cares about himself. He is still a baby to me. Yeah, don't ask me why I married this baby, I got cheated too, OK? :P hahahahahaha........

4th: Talking about our future
F: So what is your five-year plan?
H: What is that?
F: -_-||| What do you wana achieve in the next five years la?!?!?!
H: Oh...just get a job and earn money first lor.
F: And then?
H: Apa and then, that's it la! Don't think too much first, ok?
F: W...Wh..WHAT?
H: ... *walking away*

Maybe I'm too ambitious, I tend to plan for myself, be it five-year plan or ten-year plan. God, give me strength to continue talking to this gorilla.

5th: Going out
F: Hey, I'm going out with my friends tomorrow night ar.
H: Who?
F: XXX, YYY lor...
H: :( I also wana go.
F: EH, all girls, go what go.
H: Don't care, I wana follow.
F: If you're there, we can't chat, you know?
H: Si mer? Talk behind my back, I don't like! Don't care, I wana go.
*Trying to persuade for a few minutes*
F: OK, tonite you can play PS2. Happy?
H: Yipee, enjoy yourselves, don't come back too early ar.

To make boys compromise, girls have to sacrifice a little bit, like letting them do something they usually like (yet forbidden by us), as long as there is no much harm in it.

6th: Washing machine issue
F: Why don't we buy a washing machine for your mum?
H: No need la, they don't know how to use.
F: Then you teach them la!
H: Aiya, no need la, got kakak mar.
F: It can be tiring for mum also, she has to constantly check if kakak is washing the clothes properly.
H: Aiya, no need to worry la. Later on, they say it's wasting money!
F: ... *speechless*

Do we try before giving a verdict or do we give a verdict before trying?

7th: Holiday issue
F: Eh, we buy tickets for your parents to travel, you want?
H: No need la.
F: Why wor? It's good to take a break.
H: They don't know how to enjoy.
F: Have they ever travelled?
H: Yes, to Sibu.
F: -_-||| outside Sibu?
H: Kuching lor.
F: Outside Sarawak? Outside Malaysia?
H: No eh. They don't wana be away from business for too long mar.
F: But they need time to relax. It's not good to set their minds on business all the time!!
H: Let me think about it.
F: Think your head ar!!

My parents-in-law are two very hardworking adults. They work their whole lives for their children, who are grown-ups already. I think they deserve to take a break from this long-time commitment, to stop worrying about their children for once. Don't forget, we children want our parents to live without much worries.

8th: Making decision issue
F: Let's do it!
H: Let me think.
F: What more you wana think?
H: Think la!
F: Please la, one week already!!!
H: Must think very carefully.
F: You have been thinking long enough.
H: Still have to think.
F: You just don't wana do it, is it?
H: If can save the trouble, of course....
F: ... *speechless*

Do we think because we really need to? Or do we think because we want to get away from our responsibilities?

9th: Deciding to buy stuff
F: My SXNY camera is a bit sot-sot, I wana buy a new camera.
H: Aiya, still can use mar. Use it first la.
F: But I wana get a DSLR. I wana learn to take quality photos.
H: What for? You think you're a professional photographer ar?!?
F: I just wana learn new things, to upgrade myself, cannot mer?
H: Upgrade what? Cannot UP already.
F: ...Ok lor, it's quite a lot of money also. Let me think first la. Wait till I really need one.
H: Wah, since when you're so mature liao? Good girl oh.
*Not long after*
H: I wana buy a laptop.
F: What, your laptop is still functioning ok mar.
H: But your laptop isn't.
F: Then I should be the one buying, not you, idiot!
H: I buy one then I give you mine lor.
F: Wah, you're soooo "nice" ar. DON'T WANT!
H: I saw this DXLL, really cheap oh. Specs also not bad.
F: You really need this mer? I don't mind not having a laptop at the moment. Not doing big business la you know.
H: But really worth the money moh....:(
F: You very rich ar. You like to think, no mer? Think first la!
H: No-lie ("I don't like" in THAI pronunciation). Buay song liao~Tao yen ni! *gone*
F: ?!?!!?

Sometimes, we don't realise what we expect of others doesn't apply on ourselves. That's why we tend to have higher expectations on others rather than on ourselves.

10th: Issue on taking advantage

F: Eh, you cannot be like this moh..
H: What?
F: You should offer people help sometimes.
H: Why ler? They didn't ask oh.
F: *pengsan* That's why I said "OFFER"!!?!?!?
H: OH. But if they didn't ask, I won't respond de. I'm like this for the past 20+ years lar.
F: If you use your hands to walk for the past 20+ years, and I know it's easier to use the legs to walk, do you think I should let you know or not ler?
H: Of course lar, duh! But leg is leg, hand is hand, nothing to do with helping people.
F: OK, OK. I'm just saying sometimes it's good to help people without expecting anything in return.
H: It's my family upbringing la. My family does business mar, only think about input-output eh!
F: ... *speechless*

It's true that when we set our minds in the worldly things, we tend to get side-tracked on little things. We used to have some of these conversations. Happy to say that, Henry's changing. So be his friend, let us grow together. Though you drive me crazy, Henry, yes I still love you. *puke*

P.S. Maybe we can get Henry to write "10 ways Flora pisses me off", hahahaha...


Officially off work today but you won't believe where I am now ---- OFFICE. Maybe I'm used to coming here for the past 18 months, and it feels weird not coming here anymore. I like myself the best when I'm around my students. They not only make me feel young, but also make me want to share with them more, as a friend, as a mentor.

*After ten long hours*

So here I am, after a fantastic night out with my dear little ones, continuing my lovely story about my students. I love kids. It's not hard to tell how I adore them. Maybe to a certain extent, people are taken aback by my passion for the kids.

Perhaps you don't acknowledge my statement, but kids can be the most innocent people in the world. (Shame on the adults who corrupted their little minds). I had one of the greatest moments tonight. Some gave me presents, some gave me food they made. The thought of giving me something simply melts my heart. I hate to say this but sometimes I feel that the older you grow, the less gratitude you have for other people. No wonder Jesus said we have to become like little children in order to enter His kingdom.

Regardless, the first family I'd like to introduce here is the Wong's. In my opinion, their mum is the greatest. Having seven kids isn't a piece of cake or a drop in the bucket, what's more to have them blossomed beautifully.

Left: Joyce, Fanny, Nicole the twin baby, Apple (front), Vincent

Desmond, the brother after Vincent
(Nicholas the other twin baby was absent)

Needless to say, SISTAS~~~~

Apple's my favourite. Yes, she was one of my flowergirls.

One of my favourite delicacies. Cheesecake made by Fanny.
It's absolutely heaven!!!

Chris' mum is a very lovely lady. She has nurtured three wonderful children: Chris (in the picture), Charity and Clarence. I have taught all three of them and there's only two words to describe them. GOD'S GRACE. I really see the presence of God in this family. Their grandpa is a dedicated servant of God and it's not hard to see abundant blessings flowing in every single one of them. Chris loves singing, Charity loves reading (perhaps?! :P), and Clarence loves playing basketball. They are so well-behaved that I totally pay my respect to their mum. It's a pity that I didn't get to meet their father. I'm sure he's no less than what I've seen so far.

Pandan sponge cake by Chris' Mum. Yummy~

Now, let's welcome the GIANTs. Pardon me, I should say STRONG boys. Yes, I know teachers shouldn't show any injustice in them but I just can't help it. You can say Lawrence and Michael are my favourites. Look at them, don't you think they're adorable? Whenever I see their chubby little faces, I feel like pinching them, hahaha. Of course, I never did.

Left: Lawrence (the hamster!), ME, Michael

Daniel and Lucas are cousins, just like Lawrence and Michael. Daniel is Michael's little brother, and Lucas is Lawrence's. Two "blacks" vs. two "whites". They're very cute, with disturbance at times. Well, what can we say? They're kids after all. Luckily, they LISTEN, else I think I would have become some crazy old faggot, you know.

Left: Daniel, ME, Lucas

How you wish your student can put in his 100% concentration in his studies? LOL

There are more that I wish I could talk about today. But I think it's getting a bit long now. Oh, I want to tell you a secret: It's definitely a blessing to be a teacher. Once again, cherish your ability to share and lead because you don't get to do that too often throughout your lives. When you treat your students like your own kids, you tend to complain less and feel less frustrated. Ask yourself, who doesn't love his own offsprings?

One Happy Family.

But Jesus said, Let the little ones come to me, and do not keep them away: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.
~Matthew 19:14~

24 May 2007

A Special Day to Note

First of all, today's my last day at work, now is that a special day or what? :P Not that I hate working, but it's definitely a show-off to those who want to have their long hours off. Sorry, folks, it's MY day.

Some colleagues were nice (and hopefully excited) to join our usual lunch date on Thursday. There are a couple of places we normally go to, i.e. Red Ruby Restaurant, Shanghai Restaurant, Chui Xiang Ge. Somebody (rumour has it that the person was HW!) opted for Pizza Hut. I was like "urgh". Not that I hate pizzas, but I've been there for the last two weeks, yet it's Pizza Hut...AGAIN? I'm gonna have a "great time" with HW tonite. You bet.

So the farewell lunch took place here. Not very into the door picture so we skipped that. Let's look at some infamous faces.

After meal.
Left: Henry, Liz, ME, Fayrene, Amanda, Josephine

I like this photo. Very natural. Pretty ler? :P

Just FYI, today's not only my last day at work, but also a more special day for someone, who is kinda close to me. No, I'm not talking about physically. We are the emotionally-close type (yeah yeah, whatever!), wakaka~Amanda is 2X today!!!!! Probably I'm not supposed to reveal her real age. If you want to know, ask her la, she'll probably tell you. Do not be fooled by her appearance. She isn't what you think she is. She is a fool...(HUH? What the..??) I meant to say she's got the talent to act. -_-

You think she's checking out the menu? WRONG!
I think she's just daydreaming. (-_- what kinda answer is this? So cold..)

OK, now I really don't know what we were doing.

I got to know Amanda from work. She was not very "involved" at first. I remember vividly the first thing she told me was "It takes quite a long time for me to warm up!!". Haaa....I think she's going along well with others now. A very easy-going and vibrant girl. "不鸣则已,一鸣惊人". Someone who doesn't simply call but people will be amazed by her single feat if she does. I like to tease her at times. Just curious if she's cursing me subsequent to my hard-to-laugh-at-jokes.

Well girl, it's your big day (not "deng deng deng deng" la! You know what I mean?). Be grateful to the ones who created and laboured you. They've brought us one joy, i.e. bringing you into this world. Happy Birthday!

Amanda! You should show your teeth, you've got them!!

23 May 2007

SLR Cameras

I have been thinking to get a camera, the one that I can use to take good photos. I know I have a digital camera already but it isn't functioning ideally, and the batteries go flat very quickly. Not only that, practically I can only use three modes: PLAY, VIDEO, PHOTO (the basic photo-taking mode). And my digicam is supposed to have more than ten different modes!! I know how to use these modes, but the problem is everytime I try to use them, they fail me, or should I say the batteries??

Of course, I am also aware that I'm not a pro photographer and I shouldn't spend too much hard-earned money on something I don't know how to utilise fully. That's just a question for the time yet to come. So my question for people out there NOW is:

What camera should I buy if I want to be a serious photographer at a beginner's level?

Some said canon, some said nikon......I did browse the websites and shoot, I'm lost in the information. So if you think you have some worthy yet easy-to-understand piece of advice, you're more than welcome to drop me a line or two. I'm so eager. Much appreciated!

P.S. Had a talk with yeowza and he recommended Nikon D80/Canon 350D. Suitable for amateurs like myself. Could go for the lower ones if it's not within my budget. Check out David Yeow's link. He's one talented photographer. No, he has never taken any photography classes in his life.

22 May 2007

A Gift from God

Friends are someone whom you seek console when you're down and they share your happiness even in the smallest achievement of yours. True friends will never deceive you, nor will they belittle you. Similarly to maintain a boy-girl relationship, friendship needs tender loving care in order to survive.

I don't see myself as a "friend-maker", rather I see myself as someone easy-going and I like being with friends. Friend is one of the most beautiful creations God has ever created. I don't know if there's such a saying "You can live without luxuries, but you can't live without friends", but I couldn't agree it more.

One of the "gangs" (not that I'm a gangster ok, though...you know Sibu...*sensitive issue*) I hang out with is this gang of six (excluding their partners). You want handsome got handsome, you want pretty got pretty, you want cute also got cute. Whatever you ask for, you can get it here (just not the ugly, pendek, ah-bui because we are beautiful in OUR own eyes).

These pictures were taken during our last gathering, so-called "one last gathering" before Henry and I shoot off *sob sob*. They're also our (ex) colleagues. Life's never dull with their presence. Now let me present you the beauty of the gang. *drum rolls*

Monkey called her Ah Lin, I will call her Gorgeous.
Gorgeous bride-to-be. Or soon-to-be-ex-Miss wakakakakaka~

I don't know what we were doing but we're not brokeback mountain, OK?

Monkey's wife was also there with us that night. An all-time shy lady to me. She's got very sweet smile. Whenever I look at her, I can't help myself to be not happy. No wonder Monkey is always siao-siao. Good job, wifey~hehe. Though it was a pity Amy couldn't join us that night. It's exciting to know that the beautiful mother is expecting her little baby in the next two months. Let's all pray for the mother and the baby.

Friends, never take them for granted. Cherish the people and the moments.

He who keeps secret the secret of his friend,
will get himself a name for good faith.
~Proverbs 27:16~

21 May 2007

Making the RIGHT choices

'It is the choices that make us who we are, and we can always choose to do what is right.'
~Spiderman 3~

Througout our lives, we are bound to make choices. Sometimes it's easy, sometimes it isn't. At this point of my life, I am expected to make many choices and I have made some of the toughest ones.

Just not long ago, I rejected a golden opportunity in Japan and I was down for a bit. That's something I wish for for a long time and God gave me the chance. I had a real struggle, minds contemplating constantly inside me. Another lady friend of mine, she is having the same struggle at the moment. I totally feel for her. You see, it's easy to make the right choices but it's hard to please everyone with your "right" choices.

Child: "Is that Your will for me to go there, God? You've opened the door for me, haven't You?"
God: "My child, I've answered your prayer. It is a beautiful thing to have choices in your life, that's why I give you the freedom to choose."

Child: "But why do You give me the chance if You don't want me to go there?"
God: "Remember the story of Abraham? I didn't really want him to sacrifice Isaac as a burned offering. What I wanted to see was if he had faith and was willing to submit to my command."

Child: "God, it's so hard to know when You mean what You mean. I'm no god myself."
God: "My beloved child, I only say what is true and there is no hiding behind it. Be close to me, and you'll understand me more."

Child: "Yes, God. I'll learn to be submissive to You."

~Photo source: http://www.huntsvillevineyard.org/images/Ministry.jpg~

Therefore, my dear friends, make the wise choices and rejoice in God.

A Prayer

Have mercy on us, O God,
according to Your unfailing love;
according to Your great compassion blot out our transgressions.
Wash away all our iniquity and we will be whiter than snow.
Create in us a pure heart, o God,
and renew a steadfast spirit within us.
O, God of strength and mercy,
by the suffering and death of Your Son,
thank you for freeing us from slavery to sin and death;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.


19 May 2007

Family Day

This is a very rare picture of my family. It's hard to gather everyone in the family unless there's a special function. This was taken during my big bro's wedding last year. He and my sis-in-law went for their honeymoon, that's why they weren't in the pic. Everyone in my family adores food. Pa usually cooks at home now that he's retired. But we prefer to dine out during our reunions as it's so hard to ever cook enough for all of us!!!!!!

Every Saturdays, we have our once-a-week family day which I look forward to. It's fun to hang out with pa, ma & ah di (my youngest bro). We'd try to dine at different restaurants each week, though there aren't many choices in Sibu. @_@ But yeah, we still managed to enjoy our meals and have fun at the same time.

This is the seafood lasagne from Sibu P.Hut, our little entree before the main course, hehehehe. It wasn't THAT bad and I think I should stop nitpicking at...you know...

18 May 2007

Happy Birthday, Chloe!

Today's a special day. Chloe, my best friend, is celebrating her 2Xth birthday. Still pretty and young, and very much wanted!! ;) I don't think I've ever given her a birthday cake as a present, so here I'd like to give you a virtual birthday cake!! hehehehe....I hope you love it, it's blueberry flavoured, one of my faves!!!

Chloe and I have been friends since we were 13 and it is one of many friendships that I treasure the most. Though we don't chat over the phone everyday, we still keep each other in our thoughts. She's definitely someone I'd turn to when I need a listener or a piece of advice. She's simply great! ^_^

May your days be filled with joy and wisdom.
Love you always.


It is so hard to find a good blogging website, and you'll be shockingly amazed on how many I have tried so far. To keep things simple and easy, I've decided to stick with blogger.

Enjoy your stay.