28 June 2007

Western Cuisine

Before I came back to Dunedin, I had been telling Henry about delicious western food I used to have here. I think he didn't put much expectation as he still favours local Malaysian food more. I have longed to dine out at Lone Star for its fabulous food. My prayer was answered.

Everyone's deciding what to order, with that humongous list of menu!!

Without further explanation, you can tell how excited I was, awaiting my food~BTW, have I gained weight? *shoot*

This is the soup of the day - Thai Green Curry, yeah, it's hot baby~

Wow, this is absolutely my love - the ribs. You wanna know how tasty it is?

See, the faces you see here ain't deceiving, man, it is THAT tasty!! Watch out, this is just the warm-up!

The Spanish Lamb Rack, the most tender part of the whole lamb, that is.

This is the salmon. I didn't get to taste it. My bro-in-law ordered this dish. *shy*

Shanks of the Memory. Though I've tasted better shanks elsewhere, Henry actually gave his thumb up for this.

The steak ordered by my brother. He forgot what the name of the dish was. But it doesn't look too bad to you, does it?

Here comes the NZ Farmed Venison. I quite like venison after my "virgin" encounter few years back. Ordered medium-rare but my sister said she might want to swap with me so it was medium-well done. Guess what? She refused to exchange after that as she had that Spanish Lamb Rack!!!!!! What la, totally spoiled my venison when it's not done medium-rare!!!!

Should always have dessert if you're dining at a western restaurant. No any particular reason. Simply love the ambience of having one there, hehehehe...tonite's special was the lemon pie, absolutely heaven, with the whipped cream, it's complete!!!! I AM COMPLETE!!!!!

Of course, there were hot chocolate and drinks but they weren't worth mentioning after all these. The bill was merely a NZD230. Who said you can't have good food for a good price?

Yeah, Lone Star, you did it again!!! *Jelly Beans applaused*


MonkeyWong said...

Wow, u two eat eat eat, but surprisingly not b come ah bui ar, refer to pic 5

Liz said...

我在这里一边看, 一边猛吞口水。。。yum yum...

Flora & Henry said...

monkey, i thought u were talking abt us...@_@ but then true, they can really eat eat eat and still are not fat.

liz, wana bite? :P