11 September 2007

Who wants to be a millionaire???

Thanks to Jo that I have something to blog about :) Well, this is such a typical question that people would ask, and I did it in the first lesson with my English class (as stated in Clara's blog. Though I never really got myself to think about this. Perhaps, I find it too self-intimidating, as it's totally everything opposite of what I'm doing now.

First, I'd like to change the statement to "If I were a BILLIONAIRE". It's not hard to be a millionaire nowadays, is it? Plus the money goes pretty quickly when you are still over the moon about being a millionaire.

So, where would my money go? As any people will answer, QUIT MY JOB. Yes, that I would, sooner or later, but not until I finish building my kingdom....for babies and toddlers!!!!! hehehe, yes, I'm in love with these little angels (or evils to many of you out there). With all these workaholic parents, like myself in the future (or not), going off to scrap as much money as they could off somewhere, I'll scrap off theirs, WAHAHAHAHA~~ OK, what I'm saying is these kids need somewhere safe and fun to hang out. I'll make sure this kingdom of mine is free from evil and filled with God's love (don't laugh, I'm serious!!). After all, little children's hearts are the purest!! Ha, don't tell me, I know what you're thinking -_-||| Anyway, my kingdom isn't just another day care centre like what you've seen now. I'm gonna accommodate every single child, regardless of his or her ability or physical capability. And the only staff I want to employ will be someone with genuine love and the drive to be a better mentor for these kids. Geez, I get so hyper whenever I think of this dream of mine....

Then, the typical travelling around the world, investment and giving away money to family are all kinda predictable. Though I'll make sure I get the best services of all, since I have that money, hiak hiak hiak~

Last but not least, I want to save some of the money (not 10%!!) for future uses. Be it my child education or emergencies. I only feel safe when I have extra money in my bank account!!!!

Should I tag someone? But I think most of you out there have been tagged...oh yeah, I'll tag JL and Alice to contribute more on this topic~^_^~

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Josephine said...

Wow.... Can I register for my daughter in ur kingdom first? Nice one, love it!

Josephine said...

I know u r busy, but... do u mind another tag?? http://josephine1114.blogspot.com/2007/09/check-this-out.html

Check this out!