28 November 2007

City of L.O.V.E.

It's been few weeks since we came back from our PARIS trip. Though there were down moments, the fun we had had outweighed it. Let's start from the grand "monument" of the UK - The Eurostar Train Station.

It is one piece of constructive work they've done here. My parents are very impressed by it. Forget about getting on the plane to Paris. Try Eurostar, if you think you can cope with the pressure underground. And when I said underground, I mean UNDER THE GROUND.

I know I'm supposed to show good food but sometimes you have to share the things that might warn other people off bad food. This is called Potato with Herring Fish, if I'm not mistaken. Basically, my mind was blown off the moment I put that in my mouth....IN A BAD WAY. Yuck.

Usually, I'm quite adventurous in exploring new things. QUITE. Not VERY. Look at my hesitation to put that in my mouth. It's simply one bloody snail to me. To the French, it's delicacy, @_@

My parents were actually very happy and excited with the fact that they could finally have a real French Feast. We ordered a seafood platter for two to start with. Maybe our portion of two back home is different. See what you get for a seafood platter for two in France. Ta-Da~

We only had a chance to finish this STARTER. Didn't get a chance to have our main course and desserts. Man. So, feeling pleased with the amount of food we had, we ended with the platter too. How I wish we could get this portion of two back home. What's wrong with the measurement back home??!?!!???

And what's one thing you have to see if you're in Paris? NO, it's not the Eiffel Tower. It's not only Eiffel Tower in Paris. C'mon, it's MONA LISA!! Frankly speaking, I nearly broke into tears when I saw it. Don't even ask why. Just getting emotional. WAHAHAHA~

We thought we wouldn't have time for the La Fayette shopping mall (All high-street brands are sold here - GUCCI, LV, BURBERRY, MULBERRY, CHLOE etc) this trip. Thanks to Mum's perseverance, we were there. Didn't buy anything because we had spent quite a lot on the first day. You wonder, what did we actually spend on...hmm...let me give you a hint. Check out my other entry called "England" and one of the photos under it. It only shows one of the two pieces bought. *wink* Anyway, this is the interior decoration of La Fayette. Maybe I should ask the Sibu Council Committee to come and see what they mean by "MALL" here. Medan Mall is nowhere near MALL standard, more like MOLE...

I actually missed out a lot of details but it's no fun re-telling it. You have to be there to feel the ambience.....I'd love to travel with my parents again. Italy is our next destination and it'll be done next year. That's my promise to you, Mum and Dad.

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jam said...

Alamak, didn't know that you went to Paris! ~Envy~