02 November 2007

To my loved one: 06.08.2006 - 01.11.2007

It was the day with gentle summer breeze,
And there you were, lying sluggishly on your little tummy;
The moment our eyes locked,
I know it was love at first sight,
It was destiny.

The times we spent together were infinite,
And moments we had were phenomenal,
Nobody understood you better,
And loved you more than I ever did,
My whole life was lived around you.

Not many people can make me laugh,
But you were one of the few,
The way you showed off your new tricks caught my heart,
My life was more meaningful when I was with you.

It was hard for me to say goodbye that day,
And trust me when I said:
It was never my intention to leave you like that,
I wish I could do something, for you.

It is heart wrecking to accept that you are gone, forever;
And now I am dwelling in agony and pain,
No one will ever understand how I feel now.
Albeit, you are no longer in my life,
I'll always miss you and love you.

-From me to you-

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Roody Poo Jabroni said...

Who's dead?