11 November 2007


Here's the thing. Last nite I drove down to London from Oundle and it took me about 1.10hours to reach. It was faster than the original plan. TomTom (Satellite Navigator) is indeed a lifesaver. So there I was, waiting for Rose. Oh no, change of plan, she was having her haircut, kinda later than she planned, so I decided to pick up my rice cooker from Ealing. I thought with TomTom, I wouldn't go wrong.

I WAS SO WRONG. It took me extra 30minutes than planned (50mins) to reach the blardy place as the roads in London are pretty "messed up". How can one single lane be separated into two different areas? Does it make sense to you? No, it doesn't to me. Anyway, I was hungry and tired, and having to look for one tiny weeny place in Ealing wasn't the best thing to happen then. So when I reached the friend's friend's place, I bet I had that face black as charcoal!!! Sorry, man, I know it wasn't my best presentation to meet new friends, HAHAHA. Stayed for a bit to chat with Bobby and Maddy. Oh, compliment goes to Maddy's new hairstyle. The curls are much more natural now. *thumbs up*

I left the place some time past 9pm and headed back to Walthamstow. Thank God it was a pleasant and smooth journey. It took approximately 30mins. Rose and Sean were cooking and we had a late dinner. As you've already known from my blog, Rose can really cook so I had another smile last nite. Thanks, girl!!!

Cleaned up after dinner and showered. I guess let's call it a day. Everyone was exhausted. Though my main intention to come down early was to play mahjong, *bummer* Big problem! My mum didn't email me the itinerary I asked for so I wasn't sure of the arrival time and thought they're arriving at 0605 at Terminal 3. Slept at 1am and woke up at 5am. The traffic was not congested at all. I wasn't that sleepy as was looking forward to seeing my parents.

*Fast forward* Parked my car. "Did I forget to collect my parking coupon?" Sugar! Went to check with the staff and oh, no parking coupon needed. Just my credit card. Cool. *pop* Geez, what's that noise? Nothing. Off I went. One hour had gone. I decided to buy some hot chocs and muffin for my parents, just in case they needed to keep themselves warm. Reaching for my cardholder...WHAT?????????????????? Where is it?? I'm pretty sure I had it with me!!! Panicking...NO TIME TO PANIC. Right, trace backwards. I just hoped I didn't drop it on the floor inside the building because anyone could have picked it up. So I walked all the way back to where I was (like a video playing back). Oh yeah, oh yeah, I saw something. Would that be it?? IT'S MY CARDHOLDER ON THE FLOOR!!!! Outside the parking lot where I asked the staff about my coupon. And that noise!!!! It was my cardholder dropping. For one second, I thought "die liao, I need to cancel my cards and stuff". GOD, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

OK, went back in. Waiting. Two hours. Three hours. No mum. No dad. OK, this isn't right. Decided to slot in a pound to see if any siblings online. James's on. He told me Pa and Ma left this morning (Msia time). OK. That explains it all.

Parking fee - 10pounds. I can't wait in there any longer so I decided to drive back to Rose's place and wait. I need a nap.....

If you need someone to pick you up, inform them your flight number and arrival time the day before you depart and, ALWAYS, email them a copy of your itinerary.

If you plan to pick someone up, make sure the things happened to me are not going to happen to you!!!!!!!!


roody poo jabroni said...

so ah hie,is papa tie and mama tie finally in UK?free and easy holiday or they're with the tour?

jam said...

I think you should call it "Tips for your parents" as well as "Tips for yourself" Hehe!

floratie said...

Planning on joining the tours but we'll see how that goes. Jam, don't say like that la....I think it's a friendly reminder to peope out there ma :P