21 December 2007

When You Believe..

What more can I say about my life, now that I know there are miracles everywhere, if I believe. I have been listening to Leon's version of "When You Believe" nth time and every time I hear him sing, he makes my heart move so much that tears will roll down my cheeks beyond my control. To listen to the song, click here. I'll upload his version of "You Don't Know Me" soon.

It's not just the music that moves me, I think it's his story that has indicated the possibility of miracles in life. When I think about the things which happened in my life, it reminds me how God has looked after me from the day I was conceived (even I was born!!). It also reminds me how lucky I am to have loving parents who genuinely care for my well being. Needless to say, I tend to take a lot of things for granted.

Now, I only pray for a pure heart to love the people back. No more taking for granted. No more hoping for miracles but making it happen. You never know how strong it can get until you truly believe......

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CLaRa TanG said...

His voice and lyrics touched me and attracted me...really, i listen the songs repeatedly^^