23 January 2008

A.S.C.-A Second Chance

Everyone has different views on "second chance". What's yours?


hbk said...

i will give myself a second chance.but i dont know if the other party is willing to do that.

Hello Kitty said...

there are some moments that in our life we wish to have once again, a second chance to make it different, because the decision previously made was so wrong, caused us unable to forget~ so, we want to turn it out in order to make our life without regretless (or less regretless)~

nobody is perfect, we're human and we all make mistakes..
remember.. to error is human, to forgive is divine~

if u are considering to give a second chance to someone, at this point, it is worth finding out how much he has changed.. and if things could be better now that time has passed, give him a chance.. believe that he will learn to appreciate the chance just like what we did wrongly and very desire to have it once again~
Gambateh~!! *^^*