18 August 2008

Portsmouth - new home

Finally moved to a new place...not too bad I must admit. Quite far from city centre, which I'm not very fussy about since everything else is so accessible. Meant to post some photos of the new room but I was too busy.....being a housewife, hahahaha....I hope I will start working asap as life as a housewife is just not for me, at least that's what I feel now.

A house is where the furniture is
A home is where love is
-By anonymous-


jam said...

Is Henry there with you? Hmm... Portsmouth, it is on the south coast, isn't it? Oh no, Harry Reknapp is there too, as well as Peter Crouch!

floratie said...

He is...working hard a** out whil'm having a good time in Munich now, hehehe...going back soon...will look you guys up!!!