16 September 2008

Now everyone can fly..........NOT!

Cheap airlines? Budget travel? Everything they say seems to be a scam to me! No decent staff, no flexibility and definitely no customer service(顾客服务)!! Only 'servicing customer' (修理顾客). Tell me if I'm wrong but I don't think I can agree with you otherwise.

I'm sure most of you out there have encountered the same thing I had in the past (possibly in the near future):
  • Flight rescheduled - they refused to use the term 'delayed' as they don't want to compensate their customers the loss of their time and money!

  • Flight cancelled - if there weren't enough passenger travelling at one time, they'll cancel the flight without any valid reason given. Deep down, we know they don't give a d*** about their customers.

  • Flight cancelled FOREVER - They advertised a direct flight from Kch to China GUILIN trip but after a while, they would suddenly cancel the whole Kch-Guilin trip. WHY??? Simply because someone is not happy with the fact that Sarawakians keep flying to China and no Chinese will fly to Sarawak. So whoever has the power to ask whoever not to fly there asked them not to fly. Complicated? Tell me about it. I also don't know how to put in better words!! *Suddenly loss of proper speech*

  • Open ticket - Today, they say "No problem, sure can open your ticket one....". The next day, they say "Sorry, we can't open your ticket as yours is a promotion ticket".

  • Flight.....basically they can do whatever they want, as customers have no say in whatever ways!!!!
Is this what you called customer service? Why do they even want to come up with this company? Don't get me wrong, I'm not really a M*S supporter, but this is definitely worse than M*S.


jam said...

They even cancel Kuching-Bali flight. Anyway, are you in Sibu now? I am guessing...

Victor Kiu said...

i agreed with you

floratie said...

So if possible (and I hope I'm firm enough in my stand!), I won't fly AA!!!!!!!!! You guys also don't ar..let's boycott, hahaha...

Jun Ling said...

They cancelled KL - Kuching 10pm flight FOREVER, and Kuching - KL 7am flight FOREVER. Both gave me BIG problems on this particular weekend that u post this blog, so *kew*. Could feel my blood pressure rising when i was doing an online check-in 48hr before my flight, and saw y is my 7am flight changed to 9pm flight?? When we went to d office (as u can nvr call airasia, no one picks up the phone!) only did we know, there's no more 7am flight!

Same bad experience here.

Dear sis, do blog after u arrive safely today.