22 May 2007

A Gift from God

Friends are someone whom you seek console when you're down and they share your happiness even in the smallest achievement of yours. True friends will never deceive you, nor will they belittle you. Similarly to maintain a boy-girl relationship, friendship needs tender loving care in order to survive.

I don't see myself as a "friend-maker", rather I see myself as someone easy-going and I like being with friends. Friend is one of the most beautiful creations God has ever created. I don't know if there's such a saying "You can live without luxuries, but you can't live without friends", but I couldn't agree it more.

One of the "gangs" (not that I'm a gangster ok, though...you know Sibu...*sensitive issue*) I hang out with is this gang of six (excluding their partners). You want handsome got handsome, you want pretty got pretty, you want cute also got cute. Whatever you ask for, you can get it here (just not the ugly, pendek, ah-bui because we are beautiful in OUR own eyes).

These pictures were taken during our last gathering, so-called "one last gathering" before Henry and I shoot off *sob sob*. They're also our (ex) colleagues. Life's never dull with their presence. Now let me present you the beauty of the gang. *drum rolls*

Monkey called her Ah Lin, I will call her Gorgeous.
Gorgeous bride-to-be. Or soon-to-be-ex-Miss wakakakakaka~

I don't know what we were doing but we're not brokeback mountain, OK?

Monkey's wife was also there with us that night. An all-time shy lady to me. She's got very sweet smile. Whenever I look at her, I can't help myself to be not happy. No wonder Monkey is always siao-siao. Good job, wifey~hehe. Though it was a pity Amy couldn't join us that night. It's exciting to know that the beautiful mother is expecting her little baby in the next two months. Let's all pray for the mother and the baby.

Friends, never take them for granted. Cherish the people and the moments.

He who keeps secret the secret of his friend,
will get himself a name for good faith.
~Proverbs 27:16~


Anonymous said...

Just wanna let you know that it feels reli good to be your friend! :)


MonkeyWong said...

Monkey = siao-siao
Walau a, I feel damn happy (siao again)!
Yaloo, my wife always smile to me til I siao, but it's good 2 be loved!

Henry said...

I couldn't agree it more when i read what my wife hv said "You want handsome got handsome." Ya, we had a very wonderful gathering last week. Those two handsome guys beside me are my buddies(not brokeback mountain ar!) , good football-kaki. We support different football teams but we find ourselves belong to the same family(EPL). I hope 3 of us can watch football together in UK one day. Am i thinking too much? hehe...nothing is impossible!

jam said...

Seems that you guys really enjoy the last outing, why not having another one before someone is leaving us.
Henry, I believe watching rugby together in NZ is a more realistic goal, haha!

MonkeyWong said...

Henry, uk,
u mean ulu kapit, ulu klang or ulu kampong.... :P
Another 1 plz!

HW said...

I know nothing about rugby la...my friend.

This monkeywong has been naughty all the while and only concern about where he lives (ulu kapit, ulu klang or ulu kampong...)

I mean United Kingdom la. If u still don't know where I am talking about, why not just find another day and meet up. I'll tell u more abt it...