21 May 2007

Making the RIGHT choices

'It is the choices that make us who we are, and we can always choose to do what is right.'
~Spiderman 3~

Througout our lives, we are bound to make choices. Sometimes it's easy, sometimes it isn't. At this point of my life, I am expected to make many choices and I have made some of the toughest ones.

Just not long ago, I rejected a golden opportunity in Japan and I was down for a bit. That's something I wish for for a long time and God gave me the chance. I had a real struggle, minds contemplating constantly inside me. Another lady friend of mine, she is having the same struggle at the moment. I totally feel for her. You see, it's easy to make the right choices but it's hard to please everyone with your "right" choices.

Child: "Is that Your will for me to go there, God? You've opened the door for me, haven't You?"
God: "My child, I've answered your prayer. It is a beautiful thing to have choices in your life, that's why I give you the freedom to choose."

Child: "But why do You give me the chance if You don't want me to go there?"
God: "Remember the story of Abraham? I didn't really want him to sacrifice Isaac as a burned offering. What I wanted to see was if he had faith and was willing to submit to my command."

Child: "God, it's so hard to know when You mean what You mean. I'm no god myself."
God: "My beloved child, I only say what is true and there is no hiding behind it. Be close to me, and you'll understand me more."

Child: "Yes, God. I'll learn to be submissive to You."

~Photo source: http://www.huntsvillevineyard.org/images/Ministry.jpg~

Therefore, my dear friends, make the wise choices and rejoice in God.


Liz said...

我常常问上帝, 为什么我的生命中会有这么多的“抉择”。可不可以就上帝您直接告诉我应该这样做, 不应该那样做。 但是, 上帝还是没有帮我决定任何事, 反而在做决定的那一刻, 深刻体会上帝的恩典是存在的。。。

Evelyn said...

wah, u so good in writing...especially the dialogue between God and child, so touch! I love it so much, coz i saw the second me at there, haha! Can i copy it to my blog?Actually i done it already, hehe, but tell me if u mind and i will take it down,haha!

jam said...

You ladies are spreading the gospel there? Appreciate that! Dun get me wrong, I have nothing against it. Always be happy wt the choice(s) we made!

Flora & Henry said...

Evelyn: It's just the conversation between me and God, and I think it happens to everyone. As long as it's a reflection for others, I'm more than happy to "lend" you, hehehe...

Jam: Wai, cannot hia??? hahahaha...

Huey Yih said...

choices are good and it's even better if u can make the best choice ever. the outcomes do make u what u are and it is wad u r that make the choice (u get wad i mean). so vice versa, we grow in the choices we make.
though sometimes it can be hard, but without them, there's no where to grow and blossom.

MonkeyWong said...

Right choice?
Wrong choice?
At least we still have the choices!
Thanks GOD! We will never walk alone!

p/s: Hi hi to Liz & Evelyn, welcome to secret garden, :P

Anonymous said...

Choices in Life is like a 'menu'. It is definitely easier to choose at 'McDonald' than in a French restaurant. Some of the choices you already know what to expect (eg beef burger is a beef burger)and the new ones require 'courage' to take it. Also depends on how adventurous you are and commitment (eg money).


Jun Ling said...

Choices! Seciohc! (choices spelled the other way, haha..). That's how choices is messing up with my brain waves :p

Someone told me "Make the right choice and then make the choice right", ~*exhale*~!

From the begining of mankind, choices have been a free will to man, that's how Eve ate the forbiden fruit...is it a right choice? But neither way, God's grace, agape love & mercy was always with mankind.

Glad u made the right choice, gambade to make the choice right :) Emmanuel!