26 May 2007


Officially off work today but you won't believe where I am now ---- OFFICE. Maybe I'm used to coming here for the past 18 months, and it feels weird not coming here anymore. I like myself the best when I'm around my students. They not only make me feel young, but also make me want to share with them more, as a friend, as a mentor.

*After ten long hours*

So here I am, after a fantastic night out with my dear little ones, continuing my lovely story about my students. I love kids. It's not hard to tell how I adore them. Maybe to a certain extent, people are taken aback by my passion for the kids.

Perhaps you don't acknowledge my statement, but kids can be the most innocent people in the world. (Shame on the adults who corrupted their little minds). I had one of the greatest moments tonight. Some gave me presents, some gave me food they made. The thought of giving me something simply melts my heart. I hate to say this but sometimes I feel that the older you grow, the less gratitude you have for other people. No wonder Jesus said we have to become like little children in order to enter His kingdom.

Regardless, the first family I'd like to introduce here is the Wong's. In my opinion, their mum is the greatest. Having seven kids isn't a piece of cake or a drop in the bucket, what's more to have them blossomed beautifully.

Left: Joyce, Fanny, Nicole the twin baby, Apple (front), Vincent

Desmond, the brother after Vincent
(Nicholas the other twin baby was absent)

Needless to say, SISTAS~~~~

Apple's my favourite. Yes, she was one of my flowergirls.

One of my favourite delicacies. Cheesecake made by Fanny.
It's absolutely heaven!!!

Chris' mum is a very lovely lady. She has nurtured three wonderful children: Chris (in the picture), Charity and Clarence. I have taught all three of them and there's only two words to describe them. GOD'S GRACE. I really see the presence of God in this family. Their grandpa is a dedicated servant of God and it's not hard to see abundant blessings flowing in every single one of them. Chris loves singing, Charity loves reading (perhaps?! :P), and Clarence loves playing basketball. They are so well-behaved that I totally pay my respect to their mum. It's a pity that I didn't get to meet their father. I'm sure he's no less than what I've seen so far.

Pandan sponge cake by Chris' Mum. Yummy~

Now, let's welcome the GIANTs. Pardon me, I should say STRONG boys. Yes, I know teachers shouldn't show any injustice in them but I just can't help it. You can say Lawrence and Michael are my favourites. Look at them, don't you think they're adorable? Whenever I see their chubby little faces, I feel like pinching them, hahaha. Of course, I never did.

Left: Lawrence (the hamster!), ME, Michael

Daniel and Lucas are cousins, just like Lawrence and Michael. Daniel is Michael's little brother, and Lucas is Lawrence's. Two "blacks" vs. two "whites". They're very cute, with disturbance at times. Well, what can we say? They're kids after all. Luckily, they LISTEN, else I think I would have become some crazy old faggot, you know.

Left: Daniel, ME, Lucas

How you wish your student can put in his 100% concentration in his studies? LOL

There are more that I wish I could talk about today. But I think it's getting a bit long now. Oh, I want to tell you a secret: It's definitely a blessing to be a teacher. Once again, cherish your ability to share and lead because you don't get to do that too often throughout your lives. When you treat your students like your own kids, you tend to complain less and feel less frustrated. Ask yourself, who doesn't love his own offsprings?

One Happy Family.

But Jesus said, Let the little ones come to me, and do not keep them away: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.
~Matthew 19:14~

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