23 June 2007

My Favourite Season - WINTER

I thought I wouldn't have a chance to see snow again this year as it snowed on 7th June 2007, two days before Henry and I arrived in NZ. I was wrong. I was awakened by Henry's hullaballo over the inches of snow in Dunedin this morning. After hours of excitement, Henry's still outside while I'm blogging at this moment. Just as now, it starts snowing again. Despite the bloody coldness, I love my winter.

As what normal people will do during a snowy day, Henry and my sis-in-law, SW, started to work on a snowman. From the photo, it seemed quite impressive during the early stage, didn't it?

Later did we know, SW reconsidered the location of her snowman. Thus, here's the end-result of the "outrageous" snowman. Yeah, the outrageous snowman stormed away.

Well, they appealed. They said they could have done much better, if it were not for the relocation. So, I granted them another chance to vouch for their craftsmanship.

*photo to be uploaded soon*

Just a couple more photos to show you the breath-taking scenery in snowy Dunedin.

Elijah with his mum.

The way lead to the garage.

View from the house. Taken by my brother Stuart. You should click on the photo to see the enlarge view.


jam said...

I love snow, but only for vacation, not for long stay. It's too chilly.

Jun Ling said...

Did u taste the snow? Never seen snow...or tasted it (do it on my behalf n tell me ya? kakakaka....)

monkeywong said...

I love winter too, but here only got summer, what d ...

Flora & Henry said...

JL, I think it tastes just as the ice you got from the fridge. I peed on it, hahahah....oops, I think I'm not supposed to expose this piece of info....ttyl :P