24 June 2007

Happy Happy Birthday to Kaigoh

It's a very special day for me as it's my favourite Kai-goh's birthday. Kai-goh means god-brother in Cantonese. Though I couldn't celebrate it with him, I'm sure he still had a great birthday this year.

As you can see, Jackson's good-looking AND friendly. He's a very understanding and sweet guy. I'm sure his friends can vouch for me, but they don't know me, haha. He's always there when you need someone to talk to. He's got a good pair of ears, and a sincere heart. Funny to say that, he called my mum "Kai-ma" (god-mother).

I must say my encounter with HK people have been nothing but sweet-as. First, it was Eddy and Rainbow, then it was my Kai-goh. Despite the indecent rumours, I still think good about the HK people. ^_^

Nevertheless, I still wish I could give my Kai-goh a present in person one day.

Happy Birthday, Bro!!!!!! Keep rock'n~

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