03 July 2007

7 things you don't know about me

Perhaps jam got sick of my food entries so he tagged me on this, haha. Actually, there isn't much to tell you about myself as I reckon I'm transparent enough among you guys. Though, there are still some things I don't easily disclose to others, most of them are the things I think I'd like to do or like not.

1. I want to have twins if wanting to have babies. Nothing special, just want to save my suffering time. Of course, it definitely costs more to feed two mouths than one.

2. I didn't want to get married when I was single at the age of 25. Well, to be more specific, I thought I'd stay single and party for the rest of my life, and that leads to the 3rd thing.

3. I wish to travel around the world before settling down, i.e. having babies, if ever. Now, to have this wish come true, that means...

4. I want to earn my first bucket of million before I reach 30. Very funny, isn't it? Sigh, I think I don't have much time left. So, let's hope I'll win the next five million lottery, that's when I start buying it.

The first four statements are all the things I don't normally tell people but something I want to do. The next three statements would be the things you don't know about me but I want to let you know.

5. I have this "sickness", quoted by my family, that I can't stand certain degree of dirty. Generally speaking, I have three "sets" of clothes every day. One set is when I go out town; another one is when I stay at home; the last one is when I sleep. I will ONLY touch my bed in my pyjamas AFTER bath. There's no way that I'd get near it with my other clothes on it. If anyone (including myself) happens to touch my bed accidentally, I'd have to change the whole bed sheet before I sleep that night. Of course, Henry has to comply with my habits. Wahahaha, poor Henry? Nay, I think he's pretty into it himself now, gaggagaga~

6. I absolutely abhor those who think know me so well and start accusing me of things I don't do. That would lead me to a certain stage where I feel like tearing the person apart, literally. If you want to assume something, at least assume it with your brain, not with your mouth. You know, we use brain to think, not our mouth.

7. And NO, I don't act dumb or cute, so Daniel, stop profaning my name!!!

Gosh, I have never spent such a long time thinking about what to write. Jam, you have given me hardest time of all, but again, thanks to you that I get to clear my name for No.7.

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jam said...

Nice job! At least I help you to occupy some of your free time. Haha!