04 July 2007

ROSE - Of the Rose Blossom

Today's Rose's birthday. I'm sure she had a great celebration as she has her beloved by her side. Anyway, Rose and I have been friends since high school, though we weren't close at all back then. Our friendship blossomed when I was working in the UK. I was amazed by it myself. And thanks to her for coming all the way back from London to attend my wedding in Sibu during the odd time of the year. I know it wasn't just a penny spent on the trip, but Rose, you know what you did have shown me your love and friendship towards me. Don't puke, OK? ^_^

Let me tell you a little bit about Rose. Rose is a very down-to-earth girl and I love her being that. She's witty, loving and pretty. You see, I have to sacrifice my own image to make her look good (Rose: I need your sacrifice de mer? I'm a natural beauty!!) *j/k* You can easily tell from the photo that she's very sweet, can't you? See how swollen I was back then? Mind you, that wasn't the most swollen moment in my life. (Chloe: No need to fight, I was the most swollen one among three of you!!!). It was taken while Chloe - my bridesmaid, Rose and I dined out at a Korean restaurant in London.

I am very, very grateful for God has given me two best friends - Rose, and Chloe, and they will continue to play a big part in my life, till death do us apart :P

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MonkeyWong said...

Happy Birthday to Rose