08 July 2007


At last, after slacking for nearly a month, I got to watch my all-time favourite here in NZ. I wonder why it takes so long to get movies shown here. Yeah, I know it takes like a day to travel from the states, but I thought technology should help improve the situation?

Let me brief you a little bit about me and transformer. I could still remember my first encounter of this cartoon was when I was, perhaps, five or six. There was one Samuel Gor-Gor (Brother Samuel) who happened to come to my house very often. Heard that he was my big brother's partner as they were the class monitors. So he always brought the transformer cartoons for my young bro and me. We enjoyed so much that we always asked for the toys given the chance. From our dad, silly, we weren't the suckers you know, haha. Needless to say, we had the truck transformer and stuff. Brilliant. Love it. Sadly, the cartoon somehow disappeared with the vanishing of my Brother Samuel. Perhaps it didn't, just that I didn't know when to catch it on TV as the time went on. So I had been looking forward to it since the first day I watched the preview of this movie. I thought I had lost it but I haven't, and will not!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, tonight, I was definitely overwhelmed by the movie, from the first till the last second. I mean I nearly forgot about Henry's existence, who was sitting next to me. The movie did not kill any of my expectation or excitement the moment I set my eyes on it. All I can think about is how a movie can be this fantastic (hopefully it doesn't over-shine fantastic four 2 :P) yet it still manages to keep us entertained and make my blood boil - not due to the anger, but the excitement. Transformer, you've done it again!

Well, I'm supposed to wrap myself up in the blanket right now in this 7-degree-celsius-room, but this movie just pushes me to log-on and write about my feelings, mixed feelings, so that I can sleep tight tonight!!!!!

So, which side did you choose? To protect or to destroy?


jam said...

The movies was on about 2 weeks ago in here liao. Had watched last week and plan to watch once more.

MonkeyWong said...

Not watch yet! :(

Simon said...

I quite enjoy the movie especially the many references made towards the original TV series.

However, if I have a phrase to sum up the whole movie and then it's "mindless violence". The last action sequence was dull in my opinion...lots of big explosions but really lacking in soul. Especially if you compare it with Transformers: The Movie.

Overall it's quite nice...I may even watch it again to see if I missed out anything.