14 August 2007

Happy Birthday, Liam!

Such a pity that I wasn't celebrating your birthday in London this time (or for the past 2X years :P). I will make sure I put a good photo of you in my blog in the future as I can't find any good ones that I have got here :P

Anyway, Liam's a great guy!!!! I just feel so proud of myself because I made such a wonderful friend. We can talk whatever things we like; we can go shopping together; we went travelling together (flying all the way across atlantic ocean, man!!), we can even sleep together!!!!!! OK, when I say "sleep", it means staying in the same room with the presence of others, OK? No misleading. Anyway, what I'm trying to say here is, Liam's a great friend and I'm sure Maddy, Bobby and others can vouch for this.

I'm so looking forward to meeting you guys again in London. I'm sure we'll have fabulous time together, just like the old times!!!!!

Liam, I love you!!!! OK, Maddy, Bobby, love you too!!! ^_^

p/s Don't worry, Liam, Henry knows about you, he won't kill you one, hehehehehe...

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