31 August 2007


I just realised that I was tagged by Jo ages ago on.....geez, I don't even know but I gather that it's something to do with the photos. Anyway, I'll post something up definitely. Let me see what I've got here.
My farewell with friends in London in 2005.

Stupid face before I had my long hair cut...do you miss it? I do in a way~~~~2007

cheng cheng cheng...short hair with my favourite nephew!! So cute!!! 2007

I like to kiss my nephew and niece regardless they want it or not. My theory is if you can get it for free and they don't refuse, why not? Check out the following photo!!!

That's Isabelle when she was only few months old. Perhaps she didn't want me to kiss her, hahaha. Taken in 2005

That's how grown up she is now. Before I left NZ for the UK 2007.

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