31 August 2007

At last....

Hi everyone, it's been a while...guess what? I'm in Oundle now. I know, you have no idea whatsoever what OUNDLE is...let's just say it will be home for me for the next four months. I'm loving it!!!!! Great weather (surprisingly!) and nice house (didn't expect it so thanks to the Lord!).

My school is starting next week, very anxious about it needless to say, and I'm teaching Maths. Oh no, who knows how long that has been *cheeky* I will be posting more photos and videos up now that I'm so free. Hopefully it will be a great adventure for me and for those of you out there!!!! Boohoo, I love my life!!!

If you want to contact me, please feel free to pick up a pen or simply the phone beside you!

Hasta la vista, baby~

p/s Picture is taken off for security purposes!!!


jam said...

Post some pictures of Oundle, whatever it is! Which part of UK you are? Near London or Manchester?

Daniel said...

I want your contact.I am going to UK next month.will stop in birmingham and london.