13 October 2007

I was born today some years ago...

This photo was taken before I left my previous company in Malaysia. Fayrene, my ex-supervisor cum colleague felt uneasy when I tried to give her my precious kiss....@_@ Anyway, we share the same birthday and it's amazing how many people out there actually actually have birthdays on the same day. OK, say me stupid but so far, my record is, there are 9 people whom I know have the same birthday as myself. That's cool.

So, how did I celebrate my birthday this year you asked? Only one word is enough to describe it - fab!!!!!. I went down to London to spend the weekend with few of my coolest friends (it was a pity Chloe wasn't there!!). Rose, the host (as she let me stay at her cute little flat), is the best host ever because she can really cook!!! Yeah, I'm such gluttony.

So the first nite I was there (the day BEFORE my birthday), we went to a chinese restaurant and had GOOD food. It will be a huge shame for Rose if people eat or cook lousy food. See how dedicated she is?!! Anyway, we had lobster, fish maw (is that what it's called?), roast duck, tofu...I only took photos of the first two dish as I was too occupied with my food once I got started. *sorry* Dude, if you guys come and visit me, I sure know how to bring you to good food with not-too-expensive places. ;)

THE DAY was spent in a karaoke session and a lot of dim sums. I know, I know, the mic was in my hands 90% of the time. Sorry man, I just can't help it when I get to sing for 4 hours straight!! I forgot my cam so didn't get to take lotsa photos. Here's the one taken by Liam.

Do I look more fleshy???

But, but, but, if you think that's the highlight of my day, you're so wrong. It was yet to come in the night!!! Rose and Sean decided to have steamboat that night and sorry for not surprising enough, it was still awesome!! Crabs, various fish balls, clams, pork slices (Rose sliced them one by one!!! She said only a very greedy person will take the time to prepare such food and I guess she's right.) We started around 8:30pm and I was the last one to finish, the clock was ticking at 11:30pm!!!!! Shocked? Don't be, you know how much I food I can eat sometimes. The downside is, plenty of food supply has made my face swollen after this trip. Maybe I should be thankful, at least I'm having good food, not some garbage. God, I love you :)

The day I was scheduled home, Rose cooked me my last meal (not trying to sound corny) but the crabs were really nice. Yum. My favourite. Despite the food, I missed my train because I misread my timetable. How did that happen???? I have no idea. My brother did once, hahahahaha....So I'll never laugh at whatever mistakes people make now. That's scary.

I hope you still try to come back to my blog and check if there's anything new. Sorry for the absence. Oh yeah, you guys should ask Henry to write about his first day at work. It's hilarious!!! Can you imagine yourself unable to relocate your table after getting back from the loo? Imagine again, you go around and ask, "Erm, excuse me, do you know where my seat is??" HAHAHAHA!!! Oops, I think I'm not supposed to laugh else I'll be cursed too. So, JUST ASK HENRY!!!!!!

Just a little extra treat for you.
This is my typical Sunday breakfast.
Yeap, for one. *wink*
And you ask me how I put on weight?


Ah Beng said...

Putting on weight only means one thing...CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! You're expecting your first child.

floratie said...

Ah Beng, that's so impossible!!!! But make it the joke of the day~

ah beng said...

impossible is nothing...maybe it is Hin's child :P

floratie said...

Hin? Hin who???? Silly talk.

jam said...

Finally seeing you appear again. Happy Birthday!

Josephine said...

Happy Belated Birthday, sorry for the late wishes... long time didn't read your blog. Welcome back!!!