07 November 2007

Do you judge?

I have this, erm, well, I'm not sure if this person is a friend but let's say it's a "he". It was a pleasant encounter when we started being friends. But things got out of hand after a while. He has been quite a pain in the neck all this time. He thinks he's smart or he thinks he knows me so well that he can read my mind. (I can't even read my own mind sometimes!!!) There were times I just wanted to tell him that the things he said were simply ignorant but I know he will never listen, because (like I said) he thinks he knows me so well.

Friends, who know me well enough, will know what I'm really like, and they will not judge me by the things they hear or see. Words they hear and things they see could be just the tip of an iceberg. Hence, a real smartie will know when not to judge and draw a boundary line.

Alas, who are we to judge in the first place?


roody poo jabroni said...

Ah Hie,who's that dude you are talking about?

jam said...

I always believe we should not judge others. Because they dun live their life for you.