19 March 2008

Rowan Atkinson - Mr. Bean

I haven't been blogging much as there weren't any interesting life stories to share with. But today, perhaps one of the most exciting moments in my life - I SAW MR. BEAN!!!! Yes, no joke. At first I thought my eyes were squinting, but they weren't. He was at the zebra crossing and I was in the car. How I wish I had been walking and not driving today. I'd have taken a photo with him.

Henry was sitting next to me and he refused to believe that it was the real Mr. Bean, but the argument lasted for 3 seconds only. (Yes, I won again!) He was equally excited. He even suggested to look for his house. Now talking about obsession, men can be pretty extreme.

Perhaps not many people know Mr. Bean's real name - Rowan Atkinson and not many people even know about his background, apart from acting. Apparently, he's a genuinely smart guy. Check out the link.

And how did he end up in a village like Oundle? I have no idea but he lives in Apethorpe, another village six miles north from here. I guess he's just having a little stroll. Hmm, I wonder which car he drove today...

Mr. Bean, I love you!
My family loves you even more!!!!!
Please let me see you again...


Hello Kitty said...

wa wa wa~ u are so lucky enough saw Mr. Bean.. hohoho~ how is his real person look like? still act in funny style like what inside the movies? hahaha.. I don't think so.. must be serious crossing the road.. hahaha.. ^w^
I love Mr. Bean too and hope u have the luck and chance to meet with him one day~ remember take photos with him!~ hahaha.. \^.^/

jam said...

I am seeing Mr Bean everyday, and I bet Henry and you were seeing him everyday too more than a year ago. In fact, he was just in front of Henry! Since when Henry was there?

floratie said...

Kitty, I'm lucky indeed, I'm so excited and wish to see him again. I'll make sure I'll take a photo with him next time.

Jam, not that Mr. Bean ma..the "authentic" one, hehe...he's been here since February, will be working here in the future. ;)

jam said...

After all, you people are going to settle down in UK? Can send you 2 new contact number to my email?