09 April 2008

New things in the block.

I had always wanted to buy a PC desktop but I thought it might become a burden for my current financial situation. I have savings but somehow I like it better when I see it sitting and resting peacefully in the bank. Two weeks ago, I decided to buy a DELL (after being "ensnared" by somebody). It cost me £400 and surprisingly I'm happy. My laptop is nearly reaching its lifespan so now I won't have to worry that downloading movies would kill it, hahahahahaha....

I wouldn't have felt the burden until I got this Citroen car which cost me £2000 including insurance and miscellaneous expenses. It wasn't my intention to buy it but when you're married, you have to consider things your other half want to do. It's quite difficult when you're given faces, you know, and you have to live with it until it's been fulfilled. Maybe I'm just silly. But the thing is I'll be reimbursed, so I'm all cool.

Hopefully I'll get some photos uploaded....FYI, I miss Sibu, first time in my life!


Hello Kitty said...

hahaha~ what make u miss Sibu? kampua?? or "kom biang"?? wahaha~ :p
back when u're free.. waiting u back ya~ \^.^/

jam said...

Sibu has nothing for you to miss. Perhaps the only thing you miss is your family. Meanwhile, people in Sibu waiting for their chances to run away from the town.

Josephine said...

Miss you too, gal! As long as ur beloved one is around u, that's count.

BTW, a simple Pink Heart Tag for you!


amylim said...

Hello, Flora...I know how desire U want to come back...b'coz someone is missing U in SIBU...not ur family, WHO??..is me...hahaha...Have a nice day!