19 May 2008

Birthday wishes to Chloe..

I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!! A year has gone past like lightning. I still remember around this time of the year 12 months ago I started my blog, and it was also the time when I said my wish to my best friend, Chloe, on her birthday. Again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR!!!

Looking back, Chloe and I have been friends for over a decade, 16 years precisely. Two innocent girls (OK, back then lah), who never expected to become someone important in each other's life, met at the only and one "nun" school in Sibu. That's how they've always called it, a nun school. Yes, I know what you're thinking, if there's a nun, there's a monk somewhere. There is a 'monk' school nearby. They are actually next to each other geographically. In fact, I heard that now you can practically wave at the 'monks' next door from your classroom. So, how would you suggest these students can study whole-heartedly? Only God knows.

So, these two girls were actually allocated in the same class called "PL" (Kelas Peralihan L - Transition L Class) and nope, it's not the 12th worst class, it's the 2nd best class. But, it doesn't really mean much, so WHO CARES? hahaha...

Here's the seat allocation of PL.

As you can see, I was sitting at the first row, and Chloe the last. No other reason, we were allocated according to our heights...*cry cry* I forgot who sat in those numbers allocated. You might wonder why number 11 is missing. Well, I suddenly remembered who sat there and was too lazy to change the numbers, so.... I was not intended to involve in class monitor election. To cut the story short, I was chosen as one and Chloe's the assistant. We were not only partners, I still remember vividly that HH's house was the only place I could go other than the church and tuition classes. Kids nowadays are so blessed with freedom so please do not abuse your privilege!! *wink*

When we finished our transition class, we were moved up to the best class 1E . We decided in PL that we would sit together if we moved to the same class again. So, our wish was granted.

Too lazy to label extra information

We had great time that year but the down side was we didn't study at all so our results were too harsh on eyes. For the next two years when we moved up to 2E and 3E, we didn't sit together. Hmm.....was it because we didn't like each other anymore? Well, it's like the dating idea. You don't only stick to one person, you need to look around and see, perhaps there are still other people out there, who might be more suitable for you?!?!

After searching for two years, Chloe and I came to a conclusion - WE WILL SIT TOGETHER AGAIN in 4E!!!! Yes, we still think we are fit for each other. (Don't puke please :P) After two years of separation, we were back together, how wonderful it is you'd say. But we all know that good thing never lasts long. Chloe and I were 'neighbours' for a day and I called it a quit. Don't get me wrong, I love Chloe dearly, but who'd blame me for giving her up for my dream? hahahaa....no lah, I went overseas and I'm really really sorry that I left Chloe. It's my fault that things happened in her life after I left her. (Hint: Dandruff)

Frankly speaking, I thought I'd never get to see Chloe often but God's great, we are both in England now and we see each other few times a year. I cherish this friendship a lot and I hope it will last till the day we leave this world. Sounds corny??

Postlude: People say you can only have one best friend, but I am lucky, I've got TWO best friends, Chloe & Rose. Three of us are of absolute different personalities but we just click, like the key in the hole.

Chloe - ambitious & witty
Flora - empathetic & gullible
Rose - perfectionist & zippy

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